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Members Technical Tips for the Rolls Royce 20hp


A 20hp Hydrogen Bomb [click here]

Autovac – curing an unwelcome buzz from the T-elbow (restrictor valve) [click here]

Autovac Nut Replacement [click here]

Brake and Servo Adjustment [click here]

Causes of poor performance in the 20hp [click here]

Condensers and Ballast Resistors [click here]

Cylinder heads [click here]

Distributor - the Rogue Distributor [click here]

Dynamo Springs and Brushes [click here]

Exhaust Manifold Connection Nut [click here]

Fitting a battery isolation switch [click here]

Handbrake Lever Adjustment [click here]

Head Gasket Failure [click here]

How to avoid the grease staining of your pre-war engine [click here]

Lubricating cart springs [click here]

Lucas vacuum dipping [click here]

New wings [click here]

Number plates - are yours original? [click here]

Overheating problems [click here]

Repairing the Ignition Switch [click here]

Servicing - Car Servicing Procedure [click here]

Slipping Starter Motor Clutch [click here]

Squealing Brakes – Brake Squeak Dampers [click here]

Starter Switches [click here]

Starter Switch Rocker and Starting Handle Repairs [click here]

The Ideal Holiday [click here]

Throttle spring [click here]

Wheel balancing [click here]

Wheel spanner repair [click here]

Window Glass Front Windscreen [click here]

Window Glass Curved Rear Window Repair [click here]