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5 August 2022

Members Cars

The web site was launched on 4th October 2019 and by 17th January 2021 we had over 50 Members Cars registered. I am delighted to say that with continuing support we have just passed the 100 mark in our Centenary Year, 100 Members Cars now registered, quite an achievement but a big thank you to everyone for their support.

Alan Harris


Centenary of the 20hp 2022

Tom Jones our Registrar in association with RROC America and RROC Australia are in discussion about issuing a commemorative 20hp centenary car badge. This will be a generic badge suitable for all 20hp owners. It will be multi-coloured and will feature an image of John Fasal's 1922 20hp Barker tourer 42G0. This car is believed to be the oldest 20hp off test in 1922 yet still with its original coachwork.

To gauge interest, it will be useful if you think you'd like to purchase this badge if you could contact Tom Jones either through his contact details in Spirit & Speed or by using the "Contact Us" section of this web site. The price should be no more than £50 per badge, including VAT and postage, depending on the number ordered.

Alan Harris


Members Cars Index

As we now have more than 50 members and their cars on the website it has become time to provide an Index of Members and their cars, this has now been done. The Index can be found at the top of Members Cars as well as being in Resources and Articles. It is in alphabetical order and can be searched pressing the CTRL key and then pressing and releasing the F key. This produces a search box in the top right hand corner of your browser where year and chassis numbers can be searched and a link to the member and car is available, I do hope you will find this useful. As we grow the numbers the search facility will be even more useful as time goes on.

Tom Jones and I are both very grateful for all the support we have received since launching this web site, 50 members is quite an achievement, for without it we couldn't succeed in our quest to produce support worldwide to 20hp owners.

Alan Harris


Recent Additions to "Resources and Articles"

  • 20hp Gearbox Oil Leak - a cure
  • 20hp Brochure
  • A series of 20hp Adverts from the 1920's
  • Technical Tips - a collection of articles taken from the Bulletin
  • List of 20hp Tools

Alan Harris


Catalogue of Parts and its Supplement

The 1924 Rolls Royce Ltd, Catalogue of Parts and the 1928 Supplement have today been added to the website in the Section "Resources and Articles".

Alan Harris


Technical Contents Index

A Technical Contents Index has been added to the Newsletters section. I have extracted all of the technical material from the 25 Newsletters and documented them into an index. Additionally the indexed items are interactive in so far that by clicking on the item it will direct you to the Newsletter in question where the article can be found on the page quoted. It has been a time consuming task and I hope that all have been accurately documented, however if any error or omission is found then please let us know.

The technical articles written over many years reflect the challenges, solutions and pleasures of owning one of these great cars. I do hope you find the index an invaluable source of help and understanding.

Alan Harris


Members Cars

A collection of cars owned by Ivo Smutny of Czech Republic, together with one he has in his customer private museum, has today been added to the site. Also included is a Youtube video made by The Real Car Co in Bethesda North Wales before GUK 4 a Windovers Tourer was bought by Ivo and driven back to Prague by Ivo with his son. The video shows the car being driven among the hills and valleys of North Wales near Bethesda, hope you enjoy.

Alan Harris


Update on Web Site

The web site was launched at around mid-day on Friday 4th October 2019. After Tom Jones The Registrar sent his email to all 20hp Register Members we have had over 500 visits to the site from all over the world including 300+ on Friday alone. This and the comments received have been most encouraging.

During the weekend all the remaining Newsletters have been added, they are numbered 1 to 25, no Newsletters have been issued since Number 25 in September 2011. In due course an index of Technical articles contained within the Newsletters will be produced, at which time a Search Facility will be added to the site specifically for these articles.

With help from Ben Grew and others I will steadily add to the Gallery by going backwards with photos of the Annual Rallies from 2017 back to 2000. If any member has a suitable photo that you'd like adding then please contact Tom Jones. 

Since launch a number of Members Cars have been added and there are more waiting to be added. If any member would like their car added to this section then please contact Tom Jones direct or through the "Contact Us" form and you will be told what we need from you.

I hope you continue to enjoy the web site as it grows and becomes more populated.

Alan Harris




Welcome to the new Rolls Royce 20hp Register website. I believe we are the first Register to have our own dedicated website. The website will rely upon members supporting it, providing photos of their cars and news of events etc, it is your website.

For a number of years until September 2011 the Register used to publish a half yearly "Newsletter". There were 25 "Newsletters" in total, these have now all been found and each will be scanned and added to the website shortly.

It is our intention to resurrect the "Newsletter" but to do so we need your input with letters, tour reports, your experiences with your 20hp and technical articles as well as anything else you think will be of interest to members. Please use the "Contact Form" or my email address which can be found in Spirit & Speed and I will get in touch with you. It hasn't yet been decided if the new "Newsletters" will be printed as well as added to the website or if they will be displayed solely on the website as an electronic version.

You will notice a "Members Cars " section, cars will only be displayed there with the owners permission, if you would like your car displayed then please use the "Contact Page" and we will contact you asking for the details needed.

Alan Harris one of our members has set the website up for us but he can only continue to build it with your input and support.

I trust you enjoy looking at the website which will grow over time as it becomes more populated.

Tom Jones