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Steve Wasley of Australia

1928 Hooper Limousine GFN58. 

It had been used as a taxi in Leeds and was imported into Australia, sight unseen and derelict by Paul Butler over 50 years ago. It sat in a damp garage in Randwick for about 20 years but in the meantime Paul had died. He bequeathed it to the National Trust which declined it and then it ended up in the Australian Motorlife Museum near Wollongong for about 10 years. The museum declined to store it any more as it was a basket case.

However the museum and Steve did a deal and the restoration began. Now nearing completion these photos show part of the epic restoration.

In addition to GFN58 under restoration Steve also has 1924 GMK62. GMK62 was originally a Park Ward V-screen limousine which came off test in July 1924 and was shipped new to Sir Alexander and Lady MacCormick of Sydney, Australia in December 1924. Sir Alexander was a prominent doctor of Sydney being one of the first to own his own hospital. He also started the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

It then had seven changes of ownership until the 1980's when it was recorded as being chassis only. It is known that the car had been derelict for at least 40 years.  Steve purchased the chassis after it had been stored in a shed for 25 years. However the chassis was in very good condition mechanically and hardly worn.. Steve has now restored the car and finally (2021) managed to fit a very pretty body taken from a small Hispano Suiza.