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Stephen Darvill

1923 Barker barrel sided tourer 54S9

Stephen purchased 54S9 from The Real Car Co in 2022, to whom we are indebted for the use of their photos of the car. It is an original Barker barrel sided tourer. The chassis was shipped to Barkers from Rolls-Royce at the end of March 1923 and delivered to its first owner Robert Lauder of Scotland on 31st May 1923. The second owner, in 1925, was Arthur Hogarth also of Scotland, Production Director of Johnny Walker Whisky where it is believed it acquired its Glasgow Registration G299 which it retains to this day. From the late 1950's until 1985 the car was in America where it acquired the 1920's trunk complete with a set of leather cases. 

Being an early car it has a three speed gearbox with its gear lever centrally located together with the handbrake and brakes on the rear wheels only.

On 18th June 2023 it celebrated its 100th birthday at Hever Castle Classic Car Show where it was awarded the Hopkins Trophy.