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Niels Sørensen of Sweden

1927 Originally a landaulette by Watson now a drop head coupe GAJ6

Now a yellow drophead coupe, said to be either by Hooper or by Thompson Brothers of Liverpool, although no reference to the latter coachbuilder has been found. However it is considered unlikely to be a Hooper although if it is it is significantly modified to fit a short chassis. It was for sale at an auction in July 1969 held by Norman Cole at Olympia, London.  The car was renovated by Lennart Johansson, the founder of the Arvika car museum, after he purchased it in 1977 from a collector, along with several other English cars imported from England a few years earlier.  It has been exhibited by the museum until 2017.  It sports a rather unusual mascot, not a RR one but is a Whirled Along one sold by Agents A. J. Dew & Sons in the 1920's.


In 2020 the car was bought by Niels Sorensen from the estate of Lennart Johansson.  Niels wants to drive the car on the Swedish roads, but in order to do this he needs to register it with the Swedish authorities.  Unfortunately, the authorities require the original UK registration documents - but these are lost.  Enquiries with DVLA indicate that they cannot reissue registration documents to cars, unless they are in the UK.  A classic catch-22 situation.


Niels also owns two Ford Model T's (1922 and 1923) and a 1969 MG B.