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John Milan

1925 Brewster landaulette GNK 87


Chassis GNK87 was shipped to the USA in 1925, one of the very last fitted with two wheel brakes and a three speed centrally mounted gear change, it was fitted with a Brewster landaulette body.  It has spent its life in the States - for the last 38 years in a garage awaiting restoration!  It was once owned by Dr Douglas and Mary White in the USA. The Whites bought the car in a derelict condition in 1980 with the intention of restoring it but they became involved with Silver Ghosts, hence the reason for it remaining in their garage awaiting restoration.

GNK87 was finally re-imported into the UK by the Real Car Co in 2018 and was purchased by John Milan in a very dilapidated condition, to say the least.  John has now undertaken the honourable task of restoring the vehicle to its original glory, starting with the body.  This work is being carried out by Ben Smith Engineering, near Okehampton, see last few photographs, John estimates the restoration will take up to 5 years.  The car came with a big box-a-bits including lights, Autovac, battery box, bumpers etc. The car is currently on 19" wheels as fitted in the USA but John is considering reverting back to the original size of wheels 32" straight sided (originally measured by diameter when fully inflated as opposed to the diameter of the rim as per later cars), the cost however is excessive. John doesn't like the old white wall tyres which will have to go in any case and will be replaced.