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John and Sara Woolhouse

1926 Windovers 3/4 Coupe GZK34


John & Sara Woolhouse bought GZK34 from Real Car Co in 2019. It seems to have had a typical chequered history of being owned by various ranks in the Army and Air Force, a Mayor, a collector and has spent some of its life in America.

John says that since the 1956 photo a number of changes have been made to the car:- no front valance between the dumb irons, no front and rear bumpers and the central lamp has also gone, but most of these items are perhaps 1930's additions. He can understand why someone may have fitted bumper bars because the bodywork feels very vulnerable without them, especially with poor all round visibility.

John is a retired Senior Project Manager for Caterpillar/Perkins and was responsible for several diesel engine developments. Sara his wife spent her working life in pharmacy working both in retail and hospitals.

Over the years they have owned a motley array of old cars:- BSA 3 wheeler, Austin Seven, Opal 2 seater, Morris 14 saloon, Riley 9 Monaco, Humber 20/55 etc...…… now they have a real car!!

The 1956 photo taken by Tom Clarke was before the car retrieved its original registration number.