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Jacob Pronk of the Netherlands

1926 Originally a 3/4 Coupe by Shorts now a Hooper Tourer GYK 23

GYK23 was built in 1926 and supplied to one of the Short Brothers, the aviation pioneers, for them to build their own Coupe body. Within a very short time, perhaps as little as a few months, it had been fitted with the body you see today, from a 1924 Hooper 20hp tourer GAK45. As a car from the middle period of the 20hp, it has a four speed gearbox and four wheel brakes.

In 1967 it was bought by a collector in the USA from Paddon Bros, he used it sparingly for some 25 years. In 1992 it returned to the UK where it was owned by four very well known and respected figures in the RREC before I bought it in 2012.