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Doug and Mary White of USA

1923 Twenty HP Sanderson and Holmes tourer, GF15.

GF15’s original owner was John Stevens of Barley Horn, Derby, England.  In 1946, it was acquired by Messrs S Webb & Sons of Wednesbury, England. Charles Lowe of Connecticutt purchased the car in 1955.  Ray Unsworth, a RR enthusiast from Vermont, purchased the car in 1968.  The leather and top were replaced and the body painted during his ownership.  Upon his death, his daughter Karen Unsworth inherited the car and drove it in local parades.  The current owners, Doug and Mary White of North Carolina, acquired the car in 2016 and named her Bluebelle.  Intending to drive her many miles, they have done a comprehensive restoration of the engine and mechanicals and have repaired the windscreen and replated it along with side lamps, had the radiator re-cored, replaced the door panels and top, added tonneaus and cabinetry in the rear compartment, and replaced the tires.  Since the restoration, they’ve driven her over 10,000 miles including a trip to Maine and another to Michigan.


Doug and Mary are active in RR circles, members of RREC and RROC America. Mary White is US Editor and Activities Chair of the Goshawk Flyer, the small-hp newsletter of the RROC America. They used to own GNK87 now being restored by John Milan in Devon.