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Chas Vyse

1929 Thrupp & Maberly 4 door tourer GXO71

GXO71 was manufactured as a 20hp and the chassis was purchased by an American, Guy Hamilton in September 1929. He intended to keep it in the UK for Continental touring holidays. However in October of that year he became aware that Rolls-Royce had introduced an upgraded version of the 20hp - the 20/25. He was furious so the 20hp was sent back to the Rolls-Royce works at Lillie Hall where in 1930 the engine was replaced with a 20/25 one. That was the only difference between the two cars at that time. 

Guy Mitchell ordered upgraded instruments to be fitted: a Jaeger chronometric speedometer and matching chronometric clock. He also ordered provision for three spare wheels and more rugged Colonial wire wheels with polished aluminium wheel discs. The bonnet top and mudguards were also polished aluminium.

Chas Vyse has written a book about how to maintain a 20hp and a 20/25 Rolls-Royce, which can be obtained by opening the book icon below.