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Andrew Sington

1926 Thrupp and Maberley Tourer GOK 65


GOK 65, aka UK2, was purchased by Andrew's father Reg in 1959 and subsequently passed on to his son Andrew. Andrew took an active interest in the RREC and was a founder member of the 20hp Register, in 1994 taking on the job of Newsletter Editor. He remained active in the Register until he sold his 20hp in 2012 to a private museum in Budapest. Andrew tells us that he has recently been invited to Budapest in order to re-commission the car after more than eight years of standing still. Andrew left the RREC and took up an interest in Aston Martin cars currently owning a V8 Vantage Roadster.

Take a look at Resources and Articles where you will find the "Life story of GOK65" and a report of a "Lifetime trip", the London - Jerusalem Rally 2006