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Alan Milbank

1929 Originally a Connaught Coupe replaced with a Hooper Tourer body from a 1929 20/25  GEN4


Alan Milbank bought his 1929 GEN4 car in "barn find" condition. It was bought by Colin Peckham in the 1950s, and apart from two weddings was rarely used until Colin died in 2009. Alan rescued it from its open fronted coach house in October 2015. The original Connaught coupe body had been replaced by a Hooper tourer body from a 1929 20/25. In spite of its terrible condition, Alan managed to tow it a mile to his home.

The engine needed serious work, as did the shock absorbers, the chassis, the springs, the Barker headlamp dipping mechanism and the radiator shutters. Alan fitted a new exhaust system. The dynamo and starting motor were overhauled and the car was rewired. Alan fitted a new Autovac.

The body was structurally in good condition but needed a new hood and sidescreens, and the seats needed restuffing and covering. Alan decided to carefully rub down the paintwork with wet-and-dry, and then lacquering with aerosol.

A full account of the history of the car, and Alan's restoration of it, are the subject of a "Back on the Road" article by Michael Ware in The Automobile, April 2020.